Supply List

  • Kindergarten Supplies

    1 large backpack (no wheels please
    Extra set of clothing for school (shirt, pants, underwear and socks) – Please label all items with your scholar’s name.
    4 Composition notebooks (100 pages) 
    3 plastic folders with prongs 
    2 boxes of crayons (16 count box) 

    *Please do not label the following supplies: 
    12 glue sticks 
    6 dry erase markers 
    2 boxes of tissues 
    2 bottles of hand soap 
    1 package of baby wipes 
    1 box of gallon, quart and sandwich size Ziploc bag (zipped   not folded)
    1 pack of 4 count play-doh

    Supplies that would help with homework at home:
    crayons, pencils,scissors, glue sticks