WELCOME TO THIRD GRADE - School 82 Room 322

  • The home-school connection folder should travel between school and home in a backpack every single day.  The folder will include the third grade words packet, homework assignments, graded classwork/ graded tests and any additional school communications.  

    Worksheets may not come home every single evening.  They are only sent when students demonstrate a need for additional practice.  However, Students are expected to review the third grade words packet every evening as part of their homework to build their oral reading fluency.  Proficient oral reading fluency in third grade is demonstrated when a student can fluently read at least 100 words of a grade level passage in one minute or less by the end of the school year.   Additionally, sets of flashcards for both multiplication and division facts up to 100 should be purchased for home and reviewed every evening.  Number fact fluency in third grade is demonstrated when a student can successfully complete a mix of at least 35 multiplication and division facts in 100 seconds or less.  Progression toward both of these goals will be tested throughout the school year and occasional reports will come home to keep you informed. 

    Having fluency in both reading and math provides a strong foundation for the more difficult tasks of comprehending challenging text and problem solving in mathematics so PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.   Additional homework sheets may be sent as needed for the purpose of reinforcing skills and concepts that have been previously taught in school.  It is important that you review these assignments with your child for accuracy before returning them to school. Homework assignments will NOT be graded on content since it is assumed that they have been completed with and/ or checked by an adult at home.  I will randomly select assignments in school and ClassDojo credits will be awarded for completion only.        

    I will keep you informed about your child's progress throughout the year.  I welcome your questions and concerns.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at the school at 716-816-4070 or via email at jmveanes@buffaloschools.org.  With your help and support, we can work together to make this a successful year for your child.