Classroom Management

  • Classroom Management

    In the classroom, we are not only classmates but we are a community! In any community, communication, cooperation, and collaboration are needed for it to flow smoothly. My policy on managing the classroom is one of much collaboration with scholars individually and as a whole class.

    On the first day of school, scholars will be introduced to our classroom rules and the communication and color  system will be discussed as a whole class. After reviewing each rule s through games and activities, we will discuss scenarios, role play those scenarios, and illustrate the rules. The rules will be posted and referred to often.

    Scholars will be able to visually monitor their behavior through the usage of our Classroom Behavior Bank. Scholars will have the opportunity to earn  or loose classroom scholar dollars based upon their behavior choices throughout the day. Scholars will have the opportunity to use their  “Scholar Dollars” at our classroom store on Fridays. Scholars start on green every day. There are six behavior levels. For example, If an individual scholar breaks a rule, they will be reminded of the rule that was broken and will be asked to fix the behavior. If they continue to break the rule, the scholar ’s color will be moved down to yellow. If the behavior persist the color will move down to red. Scholars have the opportunity to earn their color back by  correcting their behavior and following the rules. Scholars who are exemplifying exceptional behavior will be able to earn Super Star Status. Scholars who earn Super Star Status.

    Throughout the year, the class will also have the opportunity earn large parties and activities as a whole class. Stipulations for these rewards will be discussed as a whole class and will be implemented within a given month.

    Severe discipline problems will be handled on an individual basis and may be referred to the office  or Student Support Team. 

    This approach to managing the classroom allows scholars to feel safe and comfortable in the classroom.