• Homework

    I believe that homework is an essential part of a scholars education. It is valuable because it      reinforces the skills taught in class, teaches responsibility, and prepares the scholar for the future, as homework will get much more demanding in the years to come.

    During the first full week of school, scholars will receive homework Monday - Thursday. At times, scholars will be working on bigger projects, which may need to be done on the weekends.

    Homework is expected to be handed in on the due date. Scholars will lose their homework points if their assignments are not completed resulting in the loss of free time minutes.  Scholars will be expected to complete the previous nights homework during free time.  Parents are encouraged to review homework assignments and provide guidance where needed.


    Scholars will be given at least eight grades in each subject area. On tests and major assignments, a number grade will be given. For smaller assignments, a 1-4 scale may be used. Below is the grading scale break downs. Report card grades will be submitted every 10 weeks. They will be reported using number grades. Parents may monitor scholar progress by using the BPS Parent Portal. 

    Grading Scale

    Number Grading

    90% or Above Exceeds Expectation

     80%-89% Proficient/Reliably Demonstrated

    70% - 79% In Process/Demonstrate Consistently Developing an Understanding

    69% - Below -  Not Yet Demonstrated/ Very Limited Understanding


    1-4 Scale Conversation

    4 - Exceeds Expectation

    3 - Proficient/Reliably Demonstrated

    2 - In Process/Demonstrate Consistently - Developing an Understanding

    1 - Not Yet Demonstrated/ Very Limited Understanding


    BPS Parent Portal/Online Grade Book