Studio in Art

  • Studio in Art Outline


    Grades are determined by points earned divided by total points possible. Here are the areas students are graded on:

    -         Completion of Projects/ Mini Assignments (Weekly course work)

    -         Effort and Participation (Discussions,projects,cleanup,group work)

    -         Homework Assignments/Outside Preparation for Projects

    -         Quizzes/Tests

    Objectives of the Course:

    -         The student will learn basic foundational skills in drawing and painting.

    -         The student will make personal connections to their art making by exploring specific themes and ideas.

    -         The student will gain competence in using a variety of materials, processes, and techniques.

    -         The student will learn about a variety of art movements, styles, and cultural traditions throughout the course of history.

    -         The students will explore artists from the past as well as contemporary.

    Materials Needed:

    -         Binder with three dividers

    -         Sketchbook (Provided by instructor)

    -         Art smock (Old T-shirt/apron)

    Units of Focus:

    -         Introductory Unit: Finding our Personal Strokes

    -         Foundational Unit in Drawing

    -         Foundational Unit in Painting

    -         Exploring Different Artistic Styles

    -         Art as a Form of Communication

    -         Artistic Inspiration: Exploring What Excites and Motivates Artists


    -         In the case you are absent, SEE ME PERSONALLY the next day to catch up on missed assignments. This is YOUR responsibility.