Creative Crafts

  • Creative Crafts Outline

    Introductory Vocabulary:

    Crafts: Items or objects that are made by hand that are used for a particular purpose (decorative, celebratory/cultural reasons, functional uses).

    Craftsman:A person that practices making a particular item with great skill.

    Objectives of the Course:

    -         The student will create a variety of handmade items that serve specific purposes.

    -         The student will become competent in working with a variety of craft materials and processes.

    -         The student will uncover different crafting traditions from different cultures and backgrounds.

    -         The students will explore artists from the past as well as contemporary.

    -         The student will make and share personal connections within their crafted items through exploring specific themes/ideas.



    -         Completion of Projects/ Mini Assignments (Weekly course work)

    -         Effort and Participation (Discussions,projects,cleanup,group work)

    -         Homework Assignments/Outside Preparation for Projects

    -         Quizzes/Tests


    Materials needed:

    -         Binder with three dividers

    -         Sketchbook (Provided by instructor)

    -         Art smock (Old T-shirt/apron)

    Units of Focus:

    -         Altered Books

    -         Fragments, Pieces, and Parts

    -         Paper Making

    -         Objects

    -         Vessels

    -         Soft Sculpture

    -         Textile/Fiber Arts

    -         Jewelry/ Wearable art items

    -         Weaving

    -         Collections



    In the case you are absent, SEE ME PERSONALLY the next day to catch up on missed assignments. This is YOUR responsibility.