School #84 Student Support Team (S.S.T.)

  • All members of the Student Support Team are Buffalo Public Schools employees, and schedules differ for our staff.  Our office phone is 816-3190. Voicemail is available on this phone 24 hours.  Please see the list of employees below for their schedule.

    The S.S.T. will hold your child’s Committee on Special Education (C.S.E.) meetings at School 84.We value your knowledge and concern regarding your child, and look forward to working with you at you child’s C.S.E. meeting or any other time you may wish to speak or need to meet individually with a team member or with the team as a whole.

    Our goal as a team is to help in the facilitation of a caring, structured, and nurturing environment for your child, in which his/her educational and physical needs are met. In order to help promote a successful program for your child at School 84 we are available to assist you in obtaining needed resources or services for your child. We are ready to collaborate with you, your child, School 84 staff, as well as case managers, health care providers, and other service providers and organizations. We are here to offer support to you, your child and his/her teachers as situations or concerns regarding your child arise or are foreseen.

    We all look forward to working with you and your child this year. Please feel free to contact us by calling the office phone at 816-3190. Thank you in advance for your valued participation in your child’s school program.

     The PS 84 Student Support Team consists of the following members:

    Amanda Pawlowski, CSE Chair, available via email,

    Greg Vergotz: School Social Worker, available every day at #84

    Randall Klainman School Psychologist, available Monday, Wednesday, and some Friday's at #84 (716)816-4964