Physical Therapy

  •  The Physical Therapy Department at School 84 provides student evaluation and direct and consultative physical therapy services as they relate to the student’s Individual Educational Program (IEP). Therapy services extend beyond the Physical Therapy Department itself with the goal of integrating mobility and self-help skills into the daily life of each student to achieve optimal mobility and interaction.

    Direct and consultative services include but are not limited to:            
    - Functional motor skills within the educational environment
    - Safe mobility
    - Use of assistive and adaptive equipment such as braces, splints,
      prosthetic devices and ambulation aids
    - Classroom positioning for optimal learning
    - Transfer techniques and transitional movements
    - Selected activities of daily living to enhance the educational program
    - Accessibility to programs and environment
    - Transitioning to a new school environment or workplace



    All Physical Therapists employed at School 84 are licensed by the New York State Department of Education.