Hearing Impaired

  • Hearing Impaired Services


    Hearing impaired services are provided as a related service to students with any type hearing loss that affects the student's progress in the classroom.  The teacher of the hearing impaired is responsible for the evaluation as to the need of services.

    The hearing impaired teacher may work with students individually or in a group.  Services may range from quarterly consultations to daily service depending on the needs of the students.  Students may communicate orally, with sign language, by using an assistive device or any combination of these systems.  The hearing impaired teacher will adapt services to the needs of the students.

    The hearing impaired teacher may work on developing sign language vocabulary and communication skills.  Oral language skills and auditory skill development are a main focus of services

    Hearing impaired teachers work closely with school staff and families to provide resources needed to work with a student with a hearing impairment.

    Hearing Impaired Services can be reached at 816-1018.  Room 15-J