Additional Work



    You should only do a page a day. In addition to that, you can play games with the letter of the week Xx

    If you have nothing to do, try some of the suggestions below:

    • Draw as many picture as you can name that begin with Zz
    • Draw the animal that begins with Zz -Zelda
    • Make your very best Z
    • Play a board game or card game with your family. Ex. candyland, go fish, old maids, matching games
    • How do you think Kindergarten will be?
    • Draw how you feel about going to Kindergarten.
    • Practice writing your name, first and last name making upper and lowercase letters, spell someones name 
    • that lives with you or is related to you.
    • Make a prediction, will we have more sunny, rainy or cloudy days? check the weather every day.
    • What is your favorite season, and your favorite weather? Why?
    • Sing your favorite song
    • Become an explorer like Dora search for ovals in your house, draw a picture of the ones you find.
    • Write your letters from Aa to Zz add a picture for each letter or a word. 
    • How will you and your family celebrate your Moving Up Day?
    • What did you like best about school?