My Resources

  •  Math Resources

    Two great websites to visit for math practice are Prodigy and MobyMax.  I have put assignments on both of these that you can work on. You can acess both of these websites through your Clever account, which can be found under the Student Resources tab on the Buffalo Website.  Practicing 30 minutes a day on one of these two websites will help with keeping your math skills sharp! 


  • ELA Resources

    There are so many great resources out there to practice reading and writing.  Reading a book for 30 minutes a day and discussing what you are reading with someone is just one great way to keep up with your reading fluency and comprehension.  MyOn and PowerUp Lexia are two great apps that can be found under your Clever account.  These two sites will help you practice your ELA skills such as grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension.  Below are some other great websites you can check out also!