• Public Participation

    The Board welcomes speakers to sign up to speak at all board meetings. Please be reminded that all speakers’ remarks must be limited to three minutes or less. We ask that speakers be mindful that this is a business meeting, open to the public and televised locally. Attendees and viewers include persons from throughout Western New York, including children.

    This Board asks that speakers conduct themselves professionally and that their comments remain civil and courteous, bearing in mind that they will be heard by people of all ages. This is an opportunity for Buffalo’s residents to address the BBOE about issues that serve the public interest and District mission, and the Board asks that speakers demonstrate appropriate decorum.

     Before the Meeting
    • Call 816-3568 to sign up to speak.
    • Call by noon on Tuesday prior to the Wednesday meeting.
    • Give your address (with phone number).
    • Give your topic/group affiliation.
     At the Meeting