Daily Activities



    Activity 1
     Don't forget- KINDNESS ROCKS!!!
    Be Kind This is a great activity for the whole family! Safety First- have an adult with you during this activity to help navigate and set up paint.
    Step 1- go on a rock hunt.  This allows you to explore the outdoors and go for a nice walk.  Be careful when picking up rocks with sharp edges.
    Step 2- wash the rocks.  Clean the rocks so you have a clean surface to paint on!
    Step 3- set up paints.  Make sure to cover a table with plastic or old newspaper and spread out your paint colors.  Choose your colors and paint!
    Step 4- clean up paint and brushes.  So your paint doesn't dry out put the cap on tightly and don't forget to wash your paint brushes so you can use them again!
    Step 5- after paint dries write a word that best describes you or a word that is important to you.  A thick black marker works well or you could try black paint if you do not have a marker.
    Step 6- be kind.  You can give the rock to someone special!

     Kindness Rocks!


    Activity 2

    RAINBOExercise Scavenger Hunt!!!

    Find something that color and then perform the exercise on the right hand side.  You can modify the game by finding one thing that color instead of finding two things that color.  You can have fun with the whole family! Enjoy!

    Scavenger Hunt


    Activity 3

    Take a brain break and get some exercise!  Make sure you have personal space and room for the different activities! Enjoy!

     Animal Work Out