YOGA with Ms. Turner!!!

    Below are many yoga poses you can practice at home!  The great part about yoga is that you can do it with family or by yourself!  Yoga helps your body and mind!



                                         YOGA YOGA



    Here are some poses to practice! You can hold each pose for 10 seconds or longer depending on your skill level!


    Kids Yoga

    Benefits of Yoga:

    Develop body awareness

    Learn how to move your body in healthy ways

    Manage stress and promotes relaxation through breathing, awareness, and healthy movements

    Build concentration

    Increase confidence and positive self-image

    Feel part of a healthy, non-competitive group

    Strengthens your muscles

    Improves balance and flexibilty

    Having an alternative to electronic devices


    More Yoga for your Enjoyment:

    I am...


    More Yoga Activities for your Enjoyment!

    More Yoga!