My Resources

  • In this section you will find general class materials (i.e. MLA guides, syllabus, etc.) and any other information or links that pertain to class.

    Listed below are the main websites that students use in the classroom under the CLEVER LINK ON THE BUFFALO SCHOOLS WEBSITE:
    • lexia
    • myon
    • mobymax
    • nextlesson

    Students received their user name and passwords on a card and as a QR Reader.  If students misplaced or lost their user name and passwords, this is how you can access their information.

    User Name:  The user name is the student's 900 number.  Every student receives a 900 number when they enter school ( pre-K or kindergarten)

    Password:  Their password starts of as capital letters:  FIRST INITIAL OF FIRST NAME,  FIRST TWO INITIALS OF LAST NAME, then THEIR BIRTHDAY DAY, last is the LAST THREE NUMBERS IN THEIR 900 NUMBER

    **SeeSaw is a District approved app for hands-on learning activities.

    **Lifesize is the a District approved app for virtual meetings between students, parents and teachers.


    Ex. user name: 900125678

          password:   ANT14678