My Homework

  •                             Don't forget to read every day!!!                           



    1. Today's story: The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister  (copy and paste into the browser)


    Rainbow Fish was the most beautiful fish in the entire ocean! The other fish were amazed at his beauty and hoped he would share some of his special scales. Let's see how it alls turns out as we read together! THE RAINBOW FISH Written by Marcus Pfister Translated by J. Alison James My Amazon Store: My ...



    After watching it, please ask your child to tell you how did Rainbow Fish feel at the end of the story? Why did Rainbow Fish feel this way? You can even have them write their answer "Rainbow fish felt ____ because____."


    2. Read this sentence to them and have them use their sounds to write it:

                                       "The pig is in the mud."



    Denim ate 3 grapes at breakfast and 5 more grapes at lunchtime. How many grapes did Denim eat? Draw a picture to help find your answer if needed then write your equation/number sentence and make a number bond to match.

                       ___ + ___ = ___   Number bond

    Go to the "Classroom News" section of my Teacher Page and look under 'Math' to find quick kid friendly videos that go along with each lesson we've done so far in Module 4. They're give a mini lesson, are easy to understand and filled with fun examples.



    Go in your yard and find 3 living things and 3 non-living things. Draw a picture and label each of them.


    Social Studies:

    Tell someone at home about a responsibility that you have at home. Now make sure you complete your responsibility:)