Classroom News - Being prepared

  • It is important to be prepared.  You really need to have a notebook.  You have a good chance of failing without it.  It is the middle of the year.  You need notebooks in college.  You have no excuse not to have one.  Your parent's most probably have bought several for you, that are under your bed.  Bring the notebook and PAPER to class.  You look like a baby not having paper.  You are not in grade school anymore where the teacher gives you big lined paper.  Tu amiga, Senora Beyer.  


    You also should note that you are not allowed to strike your teacher, even if you don't like what she wants you to do.  It is also a real good idea to sit in a seat not on top of the desk.  Swearing at your teacher is also not cool.  Remember, your parents sent you here to learn.