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    What we are learning....

    During the month of October in ELA, the theme for Big Day is "My Family".  We will be focusing on learning about family members, roles and unique quialities.  In the next four weeks the Big Ideas will include "I am an important part of my family", " I love my family and they love me", "I share special times with my family" and " Every family is unique". Children develop knowledge and explore the idea by identifying the members of their families, understganding what families do, and appreciating the uniqueness of each family and the love that is shared.  Showing kindness is the perfect way to share love, and children will be encouraged to demonstrate kindness at home and at school.


    In math students will engage in whole group and small group activities, computer time and IPads to practice the strategies taught in the lesson.  During the month of October, we will count verbally up to 10, recognize groups of 2, make connections between number words and quantities, and name familiar two-dimensional shapes such as circle and square.






    Send in an absence excuse when your child is absent.
    Thank You Mrs. Harris