School Supplies

  • Please send in the folders and notebooks by Monday, September 12th.  The rest of the supplies can be sent in by the end of the month.  Thanks!

      1 box of tissues

    1 package of baby wipes

    2 rolls of paper towels

    3 folders (any color)

    3 marble composition notebooks(any color)

    storage bags-1 box-girls-snack size
       boys-quart size

    1 complete change of clothes ( labeled in a bag or shoe box)

    ***Please label your child's folders and notebooks with his/her name.    Also, please label your child's book bag and if he/she has a lunch box that as well.

    Supplies to be kept at home:

    1 box of crayons
    1 pair of blunt children's scissors
    1 glue stick
    1 package of pencils