Behavior System

  • As good behavior is essential to our learning environment, it is important to become familiar with the behavior system that is used in Rm. 222.  We call our system "Rockin' Behavior!"

    If the child breaks a classroom rule, he/she will be given a warning.  Upon the need for another warning, the child will be asked to change their color.   

    The color scale is as follows:

    Yellow-Yellow indicates a SUPER day!

    Green-Green indicates a GOOD day in the classroom!  

    Blue-Blue indicates an OK day.

    Red-Red indicates to the child that he or she needs to stop and think about his/her behavior.   It has most likely been a severe behavior day.  If your child ends the day on red, he/she will be sent home with an "I am on red today because....".  

    The color system holds each student responsible for their own behavior throughout the school day.  The earning or loss of colors enables your child to reflect on their own behavior and determine the course of action that will keep them on the right track OR give them the motivation to make more productive and positive choices.  It is important to note that I, as the classroom teacher, DO NOT change colors for no reason.  It is the students' responsibility and choice to either earn their good colors or not.

    At the end of each day, your child will color in the date on their calendar either yellow, green, blue or red.  Please send the green folder to school DAILY.

    Please review your child’s behavior color on their calendar DAILY.  Reinforce and reward positive behavior while discussing and reflecting upon negative behavior. Thank you for all of your support!


Room 222 Classroom Rules