• Homework is sent home in the green folder every Monday and will be collected every Friday.

    Homework consists of a math packet, reading packet and also studying vocabulary words in their notebooks. 

    The words in the vocabulary notebook need to be studied and signed by you each night.  Words are tested every Friday in school.  Ideas to help your child practice are to read the words aloud together, write the words 3 times each or write sentences and illustrate the words! 

    We have also begun to send home books and reports every Friday which will need to be returned every Monday.  Books and graphic organizers will be provided.  Please send everything back to school in the original bag that it was sent home in.  We will be keeping track of the number of book reports your child completes throughout the year.

     If your child does not complete their homework packets, they will complete them during "Fun Friday" while the other students are enjoying free time.  

    Homework is important because it reinforces the skills that we have worked on in the classroom throughout the week.  Please call if you have any questions about the homework and I would be happy to help.