Sight Word Workbook

  • This wordbook contains many of the sight words that your child will be working with throughout the school year.  This workbook is a great way to work with your child on their word recognition skills.  The sight words are all followed by a sentence that contains that word.  Some tips for using this wordbook are:

    1.  If your child is having difficulty reading one of the words, the adult can read the sentence saying "blank" in place of the underlined word.  This will allow your child to identify the word through context.

    2.  Keep the workbook in your car so that your child can study during long or short trips! 

    3.  Your child can illustrate the word/words that were studied on that day.

    This workbook is meant to build on the reading skills that your child is developing in the classroom.  Don't allow this workbook to be a cause of stress for your child.  Lets focus on making reading fun!  If you would like me to print you a copy of this book, please let me know and I will be happy to send one home.

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