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  • About Me!
    Hello!  My name is Mrs. Renkas and I'm a Second Grade teacher at Southside Elementary School #93.  This is my fifth year here at Southside!  I started working in the Buffalo Public School District three years ago at Dr. George E. Blackman School #54.  Working in Buffalo has been a great learning experience and I'm grateful for these wonderful opportunities.  Prior to working in Buffalo as a Kindergarten Teacher, I was an Universal Pre-K Teacher in the Amherst Central School District.  I was teaching there for 3 years.  Teaching young children is a privilege because I can help build their foundation for a successful future! 

    I graduated from Fredonia State University in 2006 and I'm certified in Early Childhood Education.  I received my Master's Degree from University at Buffalo in 2008.  I currently live in South Buffalo with my husband and my one-year old baby.