Pre-K Policies and Procedures



     Communication is Key!



            Email/Phone: The best way to reach me is by email or by calling the school office. You can also send notes to school in your child’s daily folder. For any emergency dismissal changes, please call the school office. If your phone number or address changes, please contact me immediately. In the event of an emergency, it is imperative that we are able to reach you directly.

             Folder: This folder will travel back and forth each day in your child’s school bag. It is extremely important for you to check this folder daily and remove all items. If there is anything you are sending to school, place it in this folder for the teacher.


    Morning Drop Off and Dismissal


                                Morning: School begins each day at 7:55AM. 

              Breakfast: Breakfast is served each day from 8:20 to 8:50 in the classrooms.                   

              Dismissal: We dismiss walkers at 2:40PM. Students must be signed out before leaving the school.      





        Pre-K attendance records are reported on your child’s permanent record.  Timely arrival also makes for a much smoother day. All children need to be in the classroom by 8:00 AMAn arrival at ANY time after 8:15 AM is considered a late arrival.  Absences must be excused with a written note that contains your signature and a brief explanation of why your child missed school.  If I do not receive a written excuse the day following an absence, the absence will be marked illegal.


        Sickness: Germs travel quickly in Pre-K!  If your child is not feeling well, we ask you to use your best judgment when deciding whether or not to send him/her to school.  We always want to see your smiling faces, of course, but if those faces have puffy eyes and runny noses, we would rather your child stay home and receive some TLC from you!

       Allergies/Health Concerns: If your child has any allergies or health concerns, please let us know as soon as possible. If you are worried about your child’s speech or development, please contact us. We want to work with you to meet your child’s needs as best we can. 

       Hand Sanitizer: We have hand sanitizer located in and around our classroom. We also have a sink for messier situations. We encourage use of both throughout the day in an effort to keep germs at bay.

       Extra Clothes: Accidents and spills do happen! Please make sure your child has a full set of extra clothes (including shoes and undergarments) at all times. It’s when we need them the most that we don’t have the clothes we need! If clothes are sent home for any reason, please try to supply another set the next day.



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                A nutritious lunch is served daily, in our classroom.                         



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                  Homework is sent home monthly on a calendar. Please use these activities to work on                                         objectives that we are learning in the classroom.