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    Buffalo Public High School Programs


    Academic Honors@ City Honors- A world class educational community of individuals living and working to their full potential. Students study a strong curriculum deigned to prepare them for further education in college.


    Academic Program @ Middle Early College High- Graduates from this 5 year educational program can earn a high school Regents Diploma and an associates degree in: criminal justice, Building Maintenance and management, Business Administration, Office Technology or Computer information Systems.


    Aquatic Ecology @ McKinley-Students study various ecosystems and their effects on humankind. Students will study the following areas: ecological concepts, water quality testing, aqua culture, wildlife management and forestry. Conservation projects include raising fish for restocking local streams, maintaining deer check stations and setting up and maintaining wildlife feeding boxes.


    Automotive Repair @ Burgard- Study includes: small engine repair, auto-body and collision, brakes, chassis, transmission and engine diagnosis and N.Y.S. inspections.


    Bio-Chemical Technology@ Hutch-Tech- This major provides students with a strong foundation for further study in scientific, medical, and pharmaceutical fields. This major is chosen after 9th grade.


    Building Trades@ McKinley- Students will explore 3 trade areas in 9th grade and will decide which one to pursue for the last 3 years of high school.

                Carpentry- Students study the design and construction methods employed in the construction industry (drywall, doors and windows, suspended ceilings, blueprint reading, roofing, siding and framing using wood and metal.)

                Plumbing- Students will study, build and repair various types of plumbing systems. (water supply systems, plumbing fixtures, waste systems, current piping materials, and NYS plumbing codes.

                Sheet Metal Technology- Students will study the design, layout and fabrication of various sheet metal components used for the movement of air within the framework of the building trades. (Heating ventilation, air conditioning systems, riveting, welding, fabrication and installation.)


    Computer Technology@ Hutch-Tech- This major provides students with a strong foundation for further study in computer science and/or computer electronics. Students prepare for careers in computer design, programming and repair. This major is chosen after 9th grade.


    Dance@ Visual and Performing Arts-Students study classical ballet, Modern Dance, Afro-American Dance, Dance History, Dance Composition and Choreography.


    Electrical Technology @McKinley-Students learn to wire homes, businesses and industrial sites. Students receive instruction in AC/DC motor control, electronic equipment, trouble shooting, electronic equipment repair and introduction to commercial and residential wiring.


    Forensic Technology@ East-This program is a unique scientific discipline requiring its practitioners to have technical skills, critical thinking skills and communication skills in the area of science within the criminal justice system. 


    Gifted and Talented Program@ Fredrick Law Olmsted-This program is designed to develop a new generation of leaders for the 21st century in a comprehensive college preparatory high school having a major emphasis on creativity and problem solving.



    Health Occupations Technology @ MST- This program focuses on care-giving to the sick, the elderly and children. Students are prepared to work in hospitals, clinics, and patient’s homes with possible certification as a Personal Care Aide, Certified Nurse’s Assistant or Child Care Aide.


    Horticulture @ McKinley- Students learn about the growing distribution and maintenance of plants, soils, and flowers and their arrangements, both indoor and outdoor. Students gain extensive experience in the preparation of plants and materials for retail as well as actual retail selling. Horticulture students gain experience in three major fields of study, floriculture, greenhouse production and landscaping.


     Hospitality (Culinary Arts) @ Emerson-Students learn to manage a budget, create a menu and prepare delicious foods.  This program prepares you for career opportunities in all areas of the hospitality and food service industries. Students service the downtown food court, “Emerson Commons,” where breakfast and lunch is served daily, meetings are catered and banquets are organized.


    International Preparatory School@ Grover- Students interested in the multiculturally diverse High School should be prepared to take on the challenges of a rigorous academic schedule. This is a lottery program.


    Law Program@ East- Students will develop critical and analytical thinking skills while learning about the workings of our legal system. Students are required to take 3 years of Latin.


    Liberal Arts and Critical Thinking@ Leonardo da Vinci- This program uses teams of teachers who seek to link their different subjects through an inter-disciplinary, problem-centered, and/or interest centered approach. Special attention is focused on critical thinking and problem solving skills.



    Math, Science & Technology (MST)- Emphasis on providing students with an unprecedented foundation in math, science and technology. Having benefited from a rigorous curriculum that nurtures creativity and growth, caring teachers and staff, community partnerships and an emphasis on values and citizenship, students will graduate with the foundation to be successful in college and the ability to impact the world in which we live.   Programs include: Medical Science, Enviornmental Science, and Enviornmental Technology.



    Pre-Engineering @ Hutch-Tech- This major provides students with a strong foundation for further study in mechanical and structural design. The emphasis is on Computer Assisted Design (CAD)



    Printing @ McKinley- Students will learn all phases of the graphic arts trade, including the following: hot type, letterpress, offset, lithography, quick print operations, process camera, plate making, bindery operation, screen printing, desktop publishing, and electronic type setting.


    Communication Arts/Media @ Visual and Performing Arts- Students study technical and journalistic writing skills, public speaking and audio-visual production. Students have access to studios in school where video documentaries are scripted or taped, television programs are planned and produced, musical groups are professionally recorded with digital sound equipment and contemporary issues involving the news media are explored.


    Theatre@ Visual and Performing Arts- Students study play writing, improvisation, acting, voice and movement, theatre history, scene study, directing and technical theatre. Students also develop skills of observation, analysis, creative problem-solving and teamwork through lab, seminar and performance.


    Vocal and Instrumental Music @Visual and Performing Arts-Students study musical styles from ancient to contemporary, learn basic music skills, (melodic, harmonic, rhythmic awareness, ) and enjoy a broad exposure to a variety of cultures through listening, performing and reading.


    Visual Arts@ Visual and Performing Arts-Students study Studio in Art, Sculpture & Ceramics, Design Fiber and Fabric, Photography, Printmaking, Drawing and Art History.


    Welding@ Burgard-Students receive practice in metal forming and fabrication machinery, oxyacetylene, metallic pipe fit up, semi-automatic inert gas (SIG) welding and tungsten inert gas (IIG) welding.