My Resources

  • Below you will find some strategies we use to facilitate writing and math skills.
    Below are some strategies I use with our students for ELA and Math.  

    Strategies we use:

    English Language Arts

    RACE strategy

    This is for responding to a text-based question.

    Restate the question

    Answer the question

    Cite evidence

    Explain your answer


    Math Strategy for word problems


    Circle the number

    Underline the information

    Box the questions

    Eliminate unneeded information


    Step Up To Writing

    This is a district initiated program which has many tools and strategies to assist with writing skills.

    We often use a tool which allows students to break down definitions.  Students define a word and give an example of the word by illustrating it.  We also use the color coding strategy which breaks down the parts of writing a selection by colors, green being the topic sentence, yellow the details, red explaining the details and green going back to the topic.