Welcome Letter


    Welcome to Kindergarten!

    Welcome to Kindergarten! I am very excited to work with your child this school year. Kindergarten is a year of transformation! Your child will begin their reading and writing journey. They will also learn math facts, shapes, and comparing objects.

    Communication: Communication is key and important when ensuring a successful school year. I can be reached at 816-4150 prior to the beginning of the school day (7:30 to 7:50am), during lunch, and after school (2:30-3pm). I can also be reached at the following email address: LLoga@buffaloschools.org. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns, or update on your student’s progress.

    Homework:    Homework journals will be given out at the beginning of every month. Students should complete 4 activities from the choice board each week. Journals will be collected every Friday and handed back out the following Monday. Please make sure these journals stay in your child’s backpack. In the event they are lost, please replace the journal or use a sheet of paper to complete assignments.

    Behavior: We will use ClassDojo in our classroom this year. More information will be coming home soon. We also have a stoplight system. Students will begin their day on green. If rules are not followed, students will have their color changed to yellow. If students continue to not follow rules, their color will be changed to red. A calendar will be in your child’s folder and their color will be marked for the day.

     Miscellaneous: Students can bring a small snack to eat or one will be provided during snack time. Also, have a change of clothes in your child’s back pack in case of an emergency. I look forward to working with your child and to speaking with you. Together we can make this a successful school year!

                                                                                                    Mrs. Loga