Choose one from the list below!

  • In this project, we will learn about famous black scientists, physicians, inventors throughout history and their wonderful achievements. Black people were not usually allowed to acquire formal education during the slavery era. As a matter of fact, various laws were passed in the South disallowing slave literacy in the wake of the slave rebellions and revolts. Nevertheless countless black scientists and inventors have made significant contributions to society and humanity.

    For this video project, we will create a biographical sketch of one of the following Black scientists or inventors.  You will research the person and share everything you find with your classmates by means of a movie on your iPads!

    Choose a person below, and have fun learning about his/her amazing contribution to science and humanity.

    1)  Benjamin Banneker  (photos for the project)

    2)  Marie Maynard Daly  (photos for the project)

    3)  Garrett Morgan  (photos for the project)

    3)  Charles Drew  (photos for the project)

    4)  George Washington Carver  (photos for the project)

    5)  Madam C.J. Walker  (photos for the project)