Tips on When to Keep Your Child at Home


    When your child misses school:


    Contact the Attendance Office Immediately:

    All absences from school need to be excused, we need to hear from you every time your child is out. Please try to call the day of the absence before 8:30 or send a note in with your child explaining the absence. Your child can turn it in at the Main Office or hand it to their first period teacher.


    Absence due to Illness

    There are three reasons to keep sick children at home:

    1. The child does not feel well enough to participate comfortably in usual activities, (such as; extreme signs of tiredness, unexplained irritability or persistent crying).

    2. The child requires more care than program staff is able to provide, without effecting the health and safety of the other children.

    3. The illness is on the list of symptoms or illness for which exclusion is recommended.


    Helpful Hints:


    As the parent or guardian, it is possible to plan ahead in order to make going to school a priority, and help your child keep from falling behind if they miss a day or two of school!


    Teach your child how to set and use an alarm clock, keep the television turned off in the morning and try to have a plan already in place with family and friends so your child does not have to miss school to babysit a sick brother or sister.


    Please click on the file below for more information and guidance on when children should stay home from school.



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