Two Characters in Search of a Story

  • Two Characters in Search of a Story


    These two characters are out of work.  They have no story to which they belong.

    Please write a story for them.  It can by any kind of story.  It can have more characters or only these two.  If you will e-mail your story to me at, I will post it on my website!  You will be able to read it there, and to read any other stories for these characters, as well.  It will be fun to see how others used the characters in their stories.

    So far I have received these stories :

    Maryam A. (4th grade) writes:

    Practice Makes a Man Perfect

    Once upon a time in a place called Orlando, Florida their lived this boy named Vinsin Vango.  Vinsin Vango was a very good talented artist of all times, and he loved to paint.  One day, he painted this picture and named it "Shining Like the Beauty".  When the people who came to choose the best painting they liked "Shining Like the Beauty".  They took it and sold it.  He kept on getting more famous by the pictures he drew.  One day, he won this trip to Nigeria, Africa.  He was very proud indeed.  So he went to Nigeria, Africa.  He drew pictures everywhere he went.  One day, he was drawing and a girl named Sana Altaf came up to him and asked, "Can you teach me how to pick the right picture and colors?" she asked.  At first Vango was impressed, so he said, "OKay , I will help you" he said.  Then he was shocked that was the girl who he drew and named it "Shining Like the Beauty" and that she was a very good talented artist herself.  Soon she and Vango were popular all around Nigeria, Africa and Africa.  One day, Vango had to go back to Orlando, Florida.  So he took Sana with him.  Over their in Orlando, Florida they were more popular than they were in Nigeria, Africa.  One day, the president Bush found out how popular they were and got jealous.  Vango and Sana found out so they made a plan to make him a picture.  So they did.  President Bush was so happy that he did not care if they were popular or not.  Vango and Sana's paintings are out there but they are dead.  So remember - practice makes a man perfect.

    Also from Maryam-

    Art Competition

    Their was this boy named Altaf Abdullatif.  He found out about an art competition.  It said whoever made the best painting will win a trip to Saudi Arabia for a month.  This girl named Afroz Jehan Begum heard about it too and began to draw.  The village people made fun of them but they did not care.  Everybody knew they would not win, but they kept on drawing.  Finally the day came May 3, 1989 and he President George Washington came and saw Altaf and Afroz's painting and was impressed.  Altaf's picture was a bridge with a lake by watercolors.  Afroz's picture was flowers with watercolors.  The president loved their paintings and they both won a trip to Saudi Arabia.

    And, the last story from Maryam -

    Dont' Give  Up

    There was this boy named Ahmed.  Ahmed did not know how to draw, paint, color or sketch.  So one day, he met this girl named Mariam.  Mariam knew how to draw, paint, color and sketch.  So she heard about Ahmed and went to help him.  After a few days he kept on saying, "I can't do it."  But Mariam told him that if he kept on saying he can't do it he can't do it even if he said it after 9 years.  She told him to try and try again.  In school one day the  teacher said to draw a picture.  So Ahmed did as he was supposed to.  Ahmed was such a good drawer that the teacher gave him a sticker and the students became his friends.

    Another story by Maryam:

    The Magic Pot

    There was this old woman and old mn.  They were oor and very wise.  They only ate once a dy and slept only  or 4 hours per day.  One day the old man went to dig.  he kept on digging and digging.  Then he felt something hard and it was gold.  Then he decided to take it home.  His hands were full so he put his purse in and it became two. 

    He called it the magic  pot.  He brought it home and his wife said, "What do we have here?  It is too big for cooking and too small for taking baths or showers."  He said, "But it is magical!"  "Really?' said the wife.  "Prove it!"  "Okay," he said.  "Give me something of yours again." "There," she said, holding out a spoon to cook with.  he took it and ut it in the pot.  He tok it out and had had two.  They both were thinking the same idea.  They were going to be rich!  So one day, his wife tole him to get this grocery from the city.  So he did.  When he was gone his wife was cleaning the pot from the inside.  The husband came after an hour or two and he slammed the door.  His wife lost her balance and fell into the pot.  The husband let go of the grocery and went to get his wife out of the pot.  When she got out, she started to yell at him.  She was so angry that the husband  lost his balance and fell into the pot.  Now he had two wives and she had two husbands!  So she said, "Let's treat them as brother and sister."  So they did.  They also made houses together and nobody knew whose house was which.  One boy said the family with the pot is really the one who was poor and the others are their brother and sister.