Supply List

  • Miss White's PreK Supply List
    1. Complete Change of Clothes (shorts and or pants, underpants, shirt, and socks)
    2. 1 gallon sized box and 1 sandwich sized box Ziploc Bags
    3. 1 bottle hand soap
    4.  Backpack- to be brought to school daily.  Folders and take-home materials must be able to fit without being folded. 
    5. 3 bottles of hand sanitizer
    6. 1 roll of paper towels
    7. 2 boxes of Kleenex tissues
    8. Rest rug or small blanket
    9.  Sneakers-should be worn daily or left at school
    10.  1 take home plastic folder with pockets (any color)
    11. 1 box 4-pack playdough