At Home Activities

  • ABC Home Practice!


    1. Recite the ABC's using paper and a pointer. Say it together. Then have them say it without you as they point to the letters. After a few weeks of pointing to the letters on the paper and saying their names, add the letter sounds as well. When possible relate these to the children's names such as "B like Betty."


    2. Climb the stairs - put a letter on each step. The child says each letter as they climb the stairs (can lay on floor if there are no stairs). Say it first or put the same letter on each step until child has mastered a few. Add a few at a time.


    3. Give your child a flash card and have him look for that letter (5-10 times) in the classified section of the paper or in a magazine. Each time they finds the letter they circle it and say the letter. 


    4. Hide and Go Seek - Hide the letters around the room when your child is busy elsewhere. When they return, have them find the letters one at a time and tell you what letter it is. It's fun if the letters you hide make a word they know.  For example hide the letters of their name, brother's name, etc. Can they correctly rearrange letters to spell the word?


    Monthly Homework from the PreK Department: