At Home activities

  • Wondering What You Can do at Home to Encourage Your Child's Learning? 


    Here are a few ideas of activities you can do at home that will enrich your child's academic achievements and help them on their road to becoming a strong reader

    happy learning!

    • Read, Read, Read- we have many books available to you through our classroom lending library.  A great goal would be to try to read 20 minutes each night.  As you read ask your child about characters, setting, and what happens in the story.  Have them point to letters, and identify pictures of items you ask them about.
    • Count things! Anything! - your child should be able to identify numbers and count items up to 5 right now.  Have them count things in the laundry, the numbers of plates in your cupboard, and then number of socks in their drawer.  You can count change or people or even stuffed animals.
    • Look at magazines - search for letters and pictures of items they know 
    • Talk about your day- have everyone tell what they did during the day- what did they learn, see, who did they talk to
    • When driving or walking look at the print in your environment- this is how your child will make print connections