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  • 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship

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    The Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship on PhotoPeach You created your own definition of "Digital Citizenship" at the beginning of this unit. We have watched videos and had some great conversations in the last few days. Has your definition changed at all? Click on the link below and watch the video titled "Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship." While you watch, write a list of the nine elements on the sheet provided. Think about everything that we have discussed. Did we talk about all nine elements? Now that you know what the nine elements of digital citizenship are, tell us which element you think is most important and why. If you were going to teach a class about the element you have chosen, what would you want to make sure that the class learned? Write the answer on line #10 of your worksheet.

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  • What should we discuss?

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    Please make sure that your suggestion is about Digital Citizenship!
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  • What is Digital Health?

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    Wordle: DHK95digihealthDM1

    Your definitions:

    Staying safe on the internet

    A good comment on something or someone

    Good internet; clean and no rude on internet

    Being either good or bad online; good means never giving someone a password.  Bad means sending bad threatening emails

    It is not healthy to play games all day

    I should not have shared my game password with my friends.

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  • What is Digital Citizenship?

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    Wordle: DHK95DM1

    Your definitions:

    Be a good person

    How you act online

    Being a good or kind person online or digitally; participating digitally

    Respectful on digital things

    Member in the country and  another citizen helping each other.

    Being friendly on the internet

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