To Home and Career Skills!  A Class that is more than just stitching and stewing!
No matter what career path you choose to pursue, you will also need to be able to manage a home and family. The curriculum for Home and Career Skills 7/8 is mandated by New York State to teach such skills as Decision Making, Community Connections, Career Development, Clothing Management, Consumer Resource Management, Family/Parenting, Financial Management, Human Development, Interpersonal Relationships, Nutrition and Wellness, and Personal Environment Management.

Here at Waterfront, the students in grades 7 and 8 enjoy a semester of home and careers each year learning these skills with a hands on approach.
It is my hope that the webpage will help keep the student connected to the class throughout the semester.

Come and visit the Home and Career Skills room #408. Click through page after page of the website and experience the learning atmosphere here at the Waterfront School. 

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8th grade Career Exploration iSciWNY Survey http://vovici.com/wsb.dll/s/8727g41c28