Parent/Guardian Letter

  • Family and Consumer Sciences


    Home and Career Skills

    September 2012

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    It is a pleasure to welcome your child to Home and Career Skills.  There are many new changes taking place and this year promises to be an exciting one. 

    Home and Career Skills is a life management course which teaches skills that your child will be able to use throughout their lifetime.  Classes are scheduled every day for a semester and the teachings are aligned with the New York State Learning Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) and Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS). 

    Course Description:  In this course your child will develop the skills necessary for building a foundation leading to a successful career in high school and daily life.  Home and Career Skills will help them understand their self and learn skills they never thought they could achieve and master.  They will learn how to apply skills acquired in Math, Science, English, and Social Studies classes.

    Content topics covered in the 7th grade curriculum are:

    7.0:  Process Skills

    7.1:   Human Development

    7.2:   Interpersonal Relationships

    7.3:   Nutrition and Wellness

     7.4:  Community Connections

    7.5:  Career Development I

    Please read the policies and procedures and Classroom management rules for Home and Career Skills on the following pages.  Then sign and have your child return along with the supplies needed for class by September 10, 2012.

    For questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 816-3900 ext 1408 or email







    Please sign and return with supplies by September 10, 2012.


    Child’s name:  ______________________________________________                        Homeroom:  ________


    Parent contact information:

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    Work phone number: _______________________________________

    Email Address:  ____________________________________________


    Emergency contact person:  __________________________________           

    Relationship to student:  _____________________________________

    Emergency contact number:  _________________________________


    I have received and read the Policies and Procedures and Classroom Management Rules for Home and Career Skills.


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