Classroom Policies and Procedures


Family and Consumer Sciences

Home and Careers Skills 7

Policies and Procedures


1.      Supplies:

a.       3 ring binder

b.      Loose leaf paper

c.       Pen

d.      $2.00 to help cover cost of project supplies


2.      Grades/Assignments:

a.       Class work, class participation, class projects, attendance, food labs, prepared for class, notebook check, homework, quizzes, and tests.

b.      Minus 10 points for late work.


3.      Arrival and Dismissal:

a.       Arrive quietly at the door, I will greet you and give directions for class.

b.      If you are late, you WILL need a pass.  You will NOT be sent back for one, instead you WILL receive a lunch detention.

c.       All books and belongings are to be placed in designated area.

d.      At end of the period, the class is dismissed as a group.


4.      Seating:

a.       Assigned seats will be given.  Attendance will be taken according to assigned seats


5.      Lavatory:

a.       No lavatory without a planner passport and only one person out at a time.

b.      If you have to go, I will ask you to wait 5 minutes before you can go.

c.       No lavatory the last 5 minutes of the period.


6.      Lunches:

a.       If you bring a lunch from home, you may store it in my refrigerator and heat it in the microwave.


7.      Fire drills:

a.       Line up quietly at door, walk single line to door at end of hall, exit through doors, down the stairs, turn left and walk through doors by Gym  to parking lot – walk away from the building.

b.      No talking, laughing, running, or sliding down the handrails!

c.       When the re-enter signal is given, return quietly and ready to resume class.


8.      Celebrating Birthdays:

a.       Birthdays are celebrated with gourmet lollipops.


9.      Classroom Behavior:  All students are expected to be in class everyday, on time, prepared, and ready to learn.  Consequences for inappropriate behavior:

a.       Verbal warning.

b.      Seat change.

c.       Complete “Stop, Ready, then Go” sheet.  To be placed in file and shared with parent in the event that a parent conference is scheduled.

d.      Lunch detention with writing assignment.

e.       Telephone call home and/or parent conference.

f.       After school detention.


10.  Substitute/Student Teachers:  Substitute teachers are certified to teach.  They take the place of the regular teacher who is not able to be at work.  Subs present the lesson(s) left by the regular classroom teacher.  Student teachers are completing course work which will certify them as teachers.  They are to be recognized as the teacher in charge when presenting the lesson.

a.       Substitute and Student teachers are to be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect.

b.      Complete all work given.

c.       Subs are requested to provide a written report of behavior

d.      When the student teacher delivers the lesson, I will be the assistant.

e.       All procedures and rules are in full force.

f.       Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.