Classroom Management Rules

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    Classroom Management Rules


    1.     The class is to arrive and stand quietly in a straight line outside the door.

    2.     Enter quietly, put books in designated area and follow directions given at the classroom door.

    3.     There is no talking while Ms. Turley is giving directions and/or teaching.  When she raises she hand or count down from 5 to 0, all talking stops.  (Ms. Turley is the only one to count).

    4.     Raise your hand for permission to speak, and then wait until permission is given.

    5.     No lavatory without a planner passport.

    6.     No locker passes.

    7.     Follow safety rules for operating all kitchen appliances and equipment and the sewing machine and tools.

    8.     Do not rear back in your chair, it can slip backwards and you may get hurt.

    9.     All students will work towards being a person of integrity which means, “Do the right thing even when no one is watching”.

    10. Classes are large and may be divided into groups.  Work quietly within your assigned group in order for the teacher to facilitate learning for the entire class.

    11.  At dismissal:  return supplies, put project away, clean your area, push in your chair, and the class will line up at the door, but not outside the door into the hall.

    12. Be:  Always Respectful, Always Responsible, Always Safe!