7th Grade Service Learning Project

  • This year Ms. Lacey, the home and careers skills student teacher presented the Human Development unit of study to the 7th graders.  Tying the unit to Job Readiness, Ms. Lacey emphasized how important it is to know the growth stages of human development as they pertain to babysitting.  A good babysitter  engages the child in activities that stimulate the mind and make it a fun and enjoyable experience that is age appropriate.

    The 7th grade classes were taught how to sew plastic canvas in order to make a key chain, which they could then in turn teach to a younger child.

    The 7th graders taught Mr. Thompson 3rd graders and Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Cartonia/Mr. Imiola, and Mrs. Rizeq 4th graders how to sew plastic canvas to make their own key chain.  What an experience!  A fantastic job done by all!