Christmas Chocolate - A Delicious Way to Sweetened Up the Holidays!


    Chocolate Candy

    chocolate candy wafers
    2 cups water
    candy molds
    lollipop sticks

    Please note:  DO NOT let water get into the chocolate.  Water makes chocolate thick and clumpy.

    1. Pour 2 cups of water into the bottom pot of the double boiler.  Cover the top pot with a lid and  put it on top of the bottom pot.  Heat water on high until the water boils. 

    2. When water boils, pour candy wafers in top pot and continue heating for 3 minutes.

    3. After 3 minutes, remove double boiler from burner and stir with a wooden spoon until all wafers are melted. 

    4. Dry the bottom of the top pot so water will not drip into chocolate. Pour chocolate into candy molds.  Use rubber scraper to scrape out all of the chocolate.

    5. If the candy mold is for suckers put in  sticks.  Pour chocolate over the stick so the stick will not pop off of the sucker. 

    6. Put molds in REFRIGERATOR for 20 minutes so chocolate will set and become firm.  Large candy shapes need more time.

    7. To remove candy, turn mold over and gently tap onto the counter top.   Candy will pop out if it is completely firm.  If chocolate will NOT pop out easily, IT IS NOT READY--- return mold to refrigerator and chill a little longer.

    8. Enjoy!