Learning About You!


    Directions: In the Library we will begin researching the following information to create a poster that is informative and colorful.  This assignment will be completed for homework.  We will use the Home and Careers Project Brief Rubric to grade.


    Name:  ___________________________________________   Gender:  ________

    Place of Birth:  City:____________, State: _______________, Country __________

    What is your ethnicity?  _______________________________________________


    • What does the State or Country’s Flag look like? (Draw or find a picture)


    • What are the Indigenous Foods (unique to that city, state, or country)?

    (List the foods and the food groups they belong to)


    • How does the clothing look?  ((Describe in complete sentences and draw or find pictures)


    • What does the housing look like? (Draw or find pictures)


    • What are the in-home traditions such as holidays and other celebrations? (Describe in complete sentences.)


    • What are the schools like?  (Describe in complete sentences)


    • What role do family members have within the family? (Describe in complete sentences)


    • What are the top three careers? (List the career and tell why it is one of the top 3 careers)


    • Find a recipe that is a family favorite or unique to your culture. Write it neatly on the attached sheet and include it on your poster.  Be sure to tell why it is a family favorite or unique to your culture.


    • Don’t forget to put the proper school heading at the top of your poster.