A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

  • “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”

    Relationships are important.  Relationships with family, friends, at school, and at work all influence the person that you are and will become.  Think of a special relationship you have with an adult.  Give that person a picture of a Rose which expresses to them just  how special they are to you.

    Follow the directions below to complete the Interpersonal Relationship project:

    Resources needed:  White fabric, picture of rose, pencil, tape, crayons, iron, ironing board, paper towels, fine point black sharpie, and a picture frame.

    1. Tape the picture to the table to prevent it from moving.
    2. Center the fabric over the picture and tape it in place to prevent it from moving.
    3. Lightly trace the Rose onto the fabric using a pencil.
    4. After completely tracing the Rose, remove picture and re-tape fabric to table on all sides to hold fabric securely in place to color.
    5. Color Rose to completely fill in.
    6. To set the crayon color into the fabric: 

    -          Take fabric to the ironing board and cover Rose with a paper towel.

    -          Using a hot iron, iron the Rose through the paper towel to absorb the excess crayon.

    -          Take fabric back to the table, tape in place, and repeat coloring to cover the white and light spots.

    -          Return to ironing board and repeat the ironing process.

    -          Re-color and continue to press with paper towels until the Rose is completely and thoroughly colored in. (3-5 times)

    1. Using a fine point black sharpie, trace the rose to give it definition.
    2. To fit Rose into picture frame:

    -          Fold all 4 edges of fabric to the back so that it fits into the picture frame.

    -          Using a hot iron, press a sharp crease in the folds.

    -          Place picture into frame and close.

    1. Grade before taking home.
    2. Write the draft copy of “Quick Write – Interpersonal Relationships”.