Help with Instrumental Music

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    "Teachers can help but the most learning comes to you all alone in a room by yourself."  -Dr Seuss

    Homework is a huge part of a student's education.  Homework for band includes practicing your instrument alone in a quiet place that does not disturb others.  The students have an assignment chart and a practice record to keep track of what has been assigned.  Try to keep up with your assignments and class or get ahead of the class.  Don't be afraid to as for help when you need it.


    Advanced Band:  Tradition of Excellece BK 1.  Please play along with the CD and do not write in note names.  Warm-up on scales. Find any                                song you want to learn at:

    Beginning Band: Tradition of Excellence BK 1 #15-30.  We play 5 note songs like Lean On Me.
    Guitar Ensemble: Hal Leonard Bk 1 and 2.  Learning lots of Chords and reading music notation and TAB.  Ask me if you can pick a song that                              you like and we will try it.

                        adn have all the songs you want.

    Beginning Guitar:  Hal Leonard Bk 1 For Kids.  Learn how to play chords and read music.  How fast can you play the scale?