Classroom News - Pre-K Room 156

  • Here is a rundown of what our schedule was llike at school   


    9-9:30 arrival, reading books and breakfaat

    9:30-10:30  Circle Time

    -calendar, weather, pattening, counting

    social emotional circles 

    sing songs 

    10:30-11:30 Area

    -housekeping,writing, math, ipads, art, playdoh, science

    11:30- alphabet songs ( use google to search for alphabet songs)

    11:30- Lunch

    12:00- whhole group

    -nursery rhymes (google)

    12:30- phonemic awareness  

    -rhyming words 

    -clap words into syllables


    12"45 Name writing - use sleve and dry erase marker to practice  ( an old sock is a great eraser)

    12:30- Areas

    1:30 Math

    -practice counting (google Jack Hartman he has a million counting songs)


    -writing numbers 

    2:15- Gross Motor

    -google just dance for kids 

    outside play

    3:00  Snack and Rest time 


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