Resources for Educators

  • Technological Resources for Teachers

    Teachers, below is a list of resources that you can use to enrich, enhance, encourage your lessons and your students learning experiences. Please feel free to contact me to add to this list. I always encourage feedback on anything that I offer up to the table.

    Websources (Web 2.0 tools)

    • - Online presentation tool designed to enhance your lessons. Allows for multiple users to collaborate on a presentation at the same time from different locations, login from anywhere to view and present, on- the- fly editing. Free basic license.
    • - Empowers educators and students with the technology to create GLOGS - online multimedia posters - with text, photos, videos, graphics, sounds, drawings, data attachments and more.
    • - Great visual data site for teachers or students. Sample activity that this site would be great for: Student take a survey on what types of articles they like to read. Teachers gather the data and show it on a visual. FYI this is not a graph per say, just another way to represent the data.
    • - (Science Education for Public Understanding Program) Middle and High School science resource site. Great virtual activities and CCLS aligned.
    • - Site allows teachers to create tests, quizzes, surveys, end of lesson reviews and students can login and answer or participate from any internet ready device such as pc, laptop, iPad, tablets, Wablets (windows OS tablets). Site indicates, in the results, the user name and response selected. This is a great "free" student response system for any classroom.
    • - Free to all educators. Instead of telling your students to put the cell phone away, tell them to bring it to class! Perform class polls on any subject from anywhere.
    • - Awesome site for teachers and students to upload photos and alter/edit them for projects. Art/ELA/Science classes can create photo collages that focus on a topic that they are learning about.
    • - Is a free photo editor with basic photoshop tools. Is on the iTunes app store. 
    • - online presentation tool to enhance your presentations, you just need to check it out!!
    • - Great timeline generator. Once the timeline is published, it can be opened up to allow other users to add to the timeline. Example, History teachers is presenting the Civil War to a class. Each student is responsible for researching and posting key facts about the Civil War. In the end, the class will have a product that they all had a hand in creating.
    • - word cloud generator
    • - word cloud generator
    • - Collaboration website for any teacher, student, parent, etc. Totally free!!    Site Features:
      - Real-time collaboration on a virtual whiteboard with infinite pages
      - Real-time communication through voice conferencing and text chat
      - Permanent storage of all classrooms for later access
      - Support for image uploading
      - Access to basic drawing tools and colors
    • - you guessed it, online typing tutor for students.
    • - Free website editor. Easy and fun for teachers and students alike.
    • - Create QR Codes that link to student resources or student work.
    • - are having students type in long web addresses feel like watching paint dry? then turn that long URL into a tinyURL.
    • Create a storybook. Teachers- very easy to create classes, view student work, use templates or create your own stories.
    • Free photo editor- resembles a stripped down version of Adobe Photoshop.


    • Promethean WhiteBoard Lesson Ideas - Great resources for your whiteboard. Words of advice for anyone, if you have the resources available to you and you don't know what to do with them, GOOGLE IT. Ideas from others are out there, tap into them!!!
    • Document Camera Lesson Ideas - Have a very expensive document camera in your classroom and you are only using it as an overhead? Need a better use? Here you are!!!
    • The PS 115 Computer Labs - Procedure for implementing this resource into your lessons. Find Mike, Get Trained, Sign out, Teach your Students. The labs offer:
      • 20-26 VDI Desktop Computers
      • Wireless surround sound with microphone
      • 3D SMART TV and Projector
      • 3D Active Science and Math Content with 3D glasses for each student and teacher
      • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
      • Virtual Smartboard with wand


    • Reflector for your Mobile Device. To fully understand this, follow the scenario, Laptop or desktop I connected to your classroom projector. You want to show a presentations from your iPad or other mobile device wirelessly. Download that app to your device that is connected to the projector and connect your iPad to the reflector app. You will now see your iPad on the screen, NO EXPENSIVE DONGLE!!! The App can be purchased, no it is not free, from the Windows and iTunes app store. It cost approximately $6-$12 and if you like it on FB they will send you a coupon code.
    • Office 2007 - 2013 - Great resource links with FAQS and How-To's. Download the free cheatsheets from the menu.