ELA Website Building with 7th and 8th Graders



    This page is an example of true collaboration and resource development between a core area teacher, a Instructional Technology Coach and an Integrated Co-Teacher. This project incorporates the 7th and 8th grade ELA Instructional Guides, Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS), International Standards for Technology in Education (ISTE), Buffalo's Strategic Plan, and the use of 21st Century technological tools and performance tasks that expose students to hands-on activities that develop real world jobs skills.


    Project Overview – The idea behind this project is to combine close reading, research, and technology in order to produce a piece of work unlike any other.  In order for students to be career and college ready, students must be able to read, research, analyze, argue, infer, as well as be technologically literate.  The students goal, by the end of this unit, is to build a website using 21st century web tools and write a research paper that thoroughly explains their thoughts and ideas behind the topic of "Student topic choices are found in the Instruction Guides".


    A complete set of documents for this project can be found on the bottom of this page  


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