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    Virtual School Supply Lists 2020

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  • PREK list:

    Please see link below

    school supply list


    KINDERGARTEN list: ** EVERYTHING can be found at the Dollar Tree/Store **


    1. Whiteboard
    2. Whiteboard markers
    3. Composition Notebook
    4. Crayons, Pencils, Sharpener
    5. Math counters (anything that comes in a pack of 20 or more)
    6. Scissors
    7. Glue sticks
    8. Construction paper
    9. Alphabet and number cards
    10. Play dough
    11. Bin to keep it all in



    1st GRADE list:



    *#2 sharpened pencils

    *kid scissors

    *twenty-four pack of Crayola crayons

    *small glue sticks



    Optional but VERY VERY helpful for students...


    *pair of headphones that go over your head

    *pocket folders

    *composition notebook

    *loose-leaf or construction paper

    *pink eraser

    *expo marker and small whiteboard


    *3x5 index cards

    *pencil sharpener



    2nd GRADE list:



    -pencil sharpener


    -crayons or colored pencils

    - 4 notebooks (Please label: Math, IB, ELA, Writing)

    -paper (wide ruled paper preferred)

    -1 folder



    3rd GRADE list:






    Pencil sharpener

    Dry erase board

    Dry erase markers and eraser


    Ruler with inches and cm

    Folder and composition no for each subject (math, ela, ss, sc)



    FOURTH GRADE list:



    1 pack of 24 pencils

    1 pack of crayons


    2 glue sticks

    2 notebooks

    1 pack of index cards

    1 folder with prongs and pockets

    multiplication flash cards

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