America The Beautiful


    "America the Beatiful" - Story

    “America the Beautiful” is a patriotic song about the United States of America. It was first published in 1910.

    Katharine Lee Bates took a train across the great planes of Kansas to the mountaintops of Colorado. She wrote a poem to share how she felt to see the gorgeous landscape. Samuel A. Ward composed the music later.

     This sweet melody with its descriptive lyrics has been performed and recorded by countless musicians. In 1972 it was performed in China to welcome the visit of an American President.

    "America the Beautiful" - Lyrics

    Oh beautiful

    For spacious skies

    For amber waves of grain

    For purple mountain majesties

    above the fruited plane



    God shed his grace on thee

    And crown they good

    With brotherhood 

    From sea to shining sea