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    How can I help my little one be as prepared for school as possible?

    ** Read with your child!  Children who are read to become big kids who love to read!  Be sure to encourage comprehension by asking questions during and after the story...What was this story about? Who were the characters? What happened at the beginning, middle, end? etc.

    ** Play show & tell- have your child find an item they love, and tell you about the item.  Encourage them to speak in complete sentences, and use descriptive words to tell you about the item.  (Tell them to pretend you can't see the item, so they need to describe it to you- this will encourage them to use descriptive words, and notice details.)

    ** Count whenever possible- walking up and down the stairs, count objects around home, etc.  Count up to sets of 20 or more if your child is able. (Start small if necessary.) Count groups of objects to 5 and work your way up eventually.

    ** Encourage your little one to ask questions using  questions words: (who, what, where, why, and how).  Many Pre-K children have difficulty asking or answering questions, so practicing helps them understand the concept.?

    ** Go on a letter hunt. Look at food labels, books, magazines, billboards and store names, etc. Find all of the Aa's, etc.

    ?** Play "I Spy". Look around the room and find something of a certain color or shape. Use descriptive words to help them find the item and identify the color or shape. See if they can find it on their own & reinforce by restating the color or shape name. Take turns with different colors, shapes and descriptive words.

    ** Show your child a numeral between 1 and 10. Encourage your child to tell you the name, and clap, stomp, jump, etc. that many times. ?

    ** Enhance fine motor skills by playing with your child with play dough.  You may also give your child scrap paper and let them cut it with child scissors.

    ** Write your child's first and last name with them. You can write it first with a yellow marker for them to trace. Ask them  to then write it again. Have them spell it for you, then ask them to "read it to you."  Writing, spelling and reading their name is often the first way they understand that letters make words and words represent what we say.?

    ** Draw a picture with your child. Ask them to tell you all about it. Help them label the items in the picture. (mommy, me, house, tree, ball, friend, etc.)

    ** Make simple patterns with household items (sock, shoe, sock, shoe).

    **Most importantly- Have fun!  Learning should be a fun & special time spent with your child!**

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