At home activities

  • Here are some activities that you can help your child at home... 

    1. Read, read, read! Ask questions during and after the story...What was this story about? Who were the characters? What happened at the beginning/end? etc.

    2. Count objects around home. Count up to sets of 20 or more if your child is able. Start small if necessary. Count groups of objects to 5 and work your way up eventually.

    3. Play "I Spy". Look around the room and find something of a certain color. Say to your child, "I see something red". they have to find it. Take turns with different colors.

    4. Find shapes in your everyday environment.

    5. Go on a letter hunt. Look at cereal boxes, books, magazines, food boxes, juice bottles, etc. Find all of the Aa's, etc.

    6. Show your child a numeral between 1 and 10. Your child names it and does something that many times. (Ex: Touch your toes 5 times, jump in place 7 times)

    7. Give your child scrap paper and let them cut it with child scissors. 

    8. Write your child's first and last name with them. You can write it first with a yellow marker for them to trace. Ask them  to then write it again. For a fun twist, ask them to use a different colored crayon for each letter.

    9. Make simple patterns with household items (fork, spoon, fork, spoon)

    10. Draw a picture with your child. Ask them to tell you all about it. Help them label the items in the picture. (family, house, flowers, friend, etc)